Aquatic Therapy for Dogs

Hydrotherapy has become a treatment of human beings . Likewise, one cannot imagine the area of veterinary medecine and veterinary physiotherapy without the underwater treadmill for dogs. Suffering from malfunctions of the musculoskeletal system due to disease or injury, aquatic therapy supports convalescence of animal patients like no other physiotherapeutic measure can do.
Especially joint-friendly rehabilitation can be carried out after surgeries. Underwater treadmills, however, are even suited for general prevention. They enhance muscle formation and counteract osteoarthritis in elder dogs.
For any well-appointed practice providing complete patient-centred care of dogs, underwater treadmills are a must-have.

Principle of Aquatic Therapy

The objective of hydrotherapy is a dog that is free of pain, vital and healthy. By treating a dog in water, the animal’s own weight, it has to bear, is reduced severely and painful joints can be trained more easy and with less stress. Hydrostatic pressure reduces swellings and oedemas. By means of water resistance, the formation of muscles and the cardiovascular system are built up and improved in a gentle and effective kind of way.